The competitive nature of the property market means it is vital that real estate agents do everything they can to boost their business and promote themselves in the best and most cost effective way possible. As a real estate agent, you recognise the benefits of using social media to market houses for sale or rent - but are you doing it well and using it to gain a competitive advantage? Real estate agents, big and small, need to ask themselves where social media fits as part of their larger marketing mix. Social media isn't just about uploading your houses for sale to Facebook. Over 76% of adults in the UK use social media every day and many of your potential property buyers are likely to check out your social media presence first when thinking of doing business with you. In fact, the internet has become the primary method used by homeowners who are looking to sell their home and buyers who are looking for a new property.

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

Most traditional marketing communication channels provide a one-way form of communication, but social media is changing this. One of the most impressive elements of social media marketing is the that it provides you with the chance to have a conversation with your potential clients no matter where they are. This provides you with the opportunity to create an image and identity for your real estate agency, develop a sense of trust and create a positive relationship between you and your clients. An estate agent looking to make a positive connection with their audience will find that utilising social media sites like Twitter and Facebook provide the best opportunity to achieve success and develop your brand.
But, running a business is time-consuming enough before adding social media to the mix. You could be considering saving time by relegating your social media management to an in-house marketing department or hiring a new full-time employee to manage your property social media marketing? Both viable solutions, but they do have some serious flaws that can be solved by hiring an outside social media management company to do all the hard work whilst you gain the benefits.

Why Hire a Social Media Management Company For Your Real Estate Business?


Social media is constantly changing its rules. Information about management tools, optimisation strategies, outreach programming, and platform changes come out daily. Staying on top of best practices and upcoming changes is essential in making sure your real estate agency is taking advantage of opportunities for your brand as well as maintaining a professional appearance. Bringing on a social media management company is a solution that keeps your outward-facing presences updated and professional, without your marketing department taking a hit to productivity or adding an extra employee.

Outside-the-box perspective

An outside social media management company will bring insights to your business that you wouldn't discover managing things in-house. This includes drawing on experience with other clients as well as the fresh minds they apply to the problem. By having an outsiders viewpoint, they can point out opportunities that you might have otherwise missed.

It Saves Money

Hiring a social media management company is going to save your business money. By bringing in a company that specialises in social media management, you can expect a department that is capable of scalable response and you'll get the benefits of the entire companies efforts, not just a single individual.
These reasons only scratch the surface of the benefits your business receives by hiring a management company for your social presence. Companies that specialise in several areas can bring those perspectives to your social presence in ways that a stand alone manager or management company might not consider. These advantages, combined with the potential cost savings compared to other solutions, makes hiring a social media management company a no-brainer.

Where To Turn for Help?

As part of a multi targeted approach to marketing, Property Portal Marketing are specialists in digital marketing for real estate agencies. Whether your real estate agency is new to social media and needs help setting up accounts, or whether you are already using social media actively and want help and advice on how to do it better, PPM can help. With our social media marketing as a vital part of the additional services we offer, we will grow your audience, but more importantly, we will ensure they are engaged and interacted with. We also provide you with monthly reports so you can see how your audience grows and how many people are interacting with you.

For more information about social media marketing for your real estate company and the many other options available to you contact PPM today for a no obligation chat about how we can increase your presence and help market your properties.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Advertise your Properties Online