There are many tools that you have, as an estate agent to gain leads, and grow your business, but having worked in this industry for many years now, it's very surprising how many of you aren't utilising ever, or using effectively, one of the biggest property marketing tools, you already have in your armoury - your own database.

You will have probably experienced this before, but how frustrating is it / would it be if you were to go through your database and speak to someone who enquired 6 months ago, but bought through another agent 3 months ago, because they hadn't heard from you since their initial enquiry?

Understandably there are reasons for this, and the most common ones I hear are, "we haven't got the time", "we haven't got the resources" and "new leads take priority", but whilst these are perfectly valid, shouldn't you also begin to consider the possibility that you might be sitting on a potential gold mine of people that already know you and are just waiting for the right property, that you currently have on the books?

Benefits of E-mail Marketing

The main benefit of E-mail marketing is that it allows you to continually engage with your clients, many of which will have come through from other forms of marketing that you are paying for, i.e. your office space, portal marketing & social media campaigns, so to not keep in contact with that person on a semi regular basis, is criminal, you may as well stop all forms of marketing, and give your marketing budget away to charity!

By continually re-engaging with your clients, you grow your brand awareness and you keep your company at the forefront of people's minds, so when they are in a position to buy, you have fabulous bargains, or you are promoting the perfect property for them, they will remember you, and approach your agency, rather than your competitors, for which the benefit is self-explanatory.

With the digital age, as you will know, people have also become more reliant on email, including being able to get them on their phones, and though I would always recommend a telephone call based approach first, if someone is working, or with family, they are more likely to read your email first then pick up your phone call. It's also very time consuming & costly to sit and ring through a database of enquiries, whereas a thought out & well-designed email is a far better way of reaching your whole client list quickly and easily.

Another advantage with the digital age, is that people can now share your e-message, or forward your email onto friends and colleagues whom they know could be looking, or could be interested in your properties you are promoting, so it could, in practise, generate additional leads for you where your services have already been recommended.

When you send emails to your database, you also have the opportunity of cleaning & sorting it. It can be very frustrating for a client, if they have told you they are no longer looking, or that they aren't ready to buy yet, but they continually receive an email or a phone call from your office. When you do advertise properties via E-mail marketing, people can unsubscribe if they wish, avoiding the scenario above. It also leaves you with a superior quality database of people that you know are still in the market, and are happy to receive information from you.

How can Property Portal Marketing help?

It can very time consuming to not only build & send the mailers, but also to get them in the right format, that's pleasing to the eye and relevant to the people on your database, so Property Portal Marketing now offer this service to all clients.

We will design the mailer to a theme and promote 6 properties that fit this theme. The themes are usually quite general, and they change every time, so they appeal to as many people as possible on your database and links are included on the properties, which will always go back to the property on your website. We also then manage the database on your behalf, adding and removing subscribers where necessary.

We usually recommend 2 mailers per month, so you are keeping in contact with your clients on a regular basis, but not too regular that it becomes annoying.

Our fee for using this service is only €25 per mailer.

Contact us for further information, on how E-mail Marketing can benefit your Estate Agency, or if you are interested in Property Portal Marketing building and sending mailers on your behalf.

Benefits of E-mail Marketing for Property Agents